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Up to 50,000 of your records converted to DbLink 7.5 Y2K ready platform  FREE


Data Conversion   (Proprietary)
If you are currently using  database software, that your office products cannot access, we will convert that data for you to run in our products.  Our products data files are compatible with all major software packages. When importing from our data files to programs such as Excel, Lotus, Access, Delphi, SQL platforms etc. date fields are sent as 4 digit year.  Users who purchased and registered  DbLink 7.5, can have up to 50,000 records converted, for free, to this y2k 4 digit year platform, until further notice.
Data Conversion      (Compatible)
If you are using or considering the purchase of data from other companies or local government in Lotus, Dbase, Excel, Access etc. and you have any version of Dbase III+ or higer, we have Free program file converters to our products. 

Public Support  
Due to increased interest in data conversion we will place code from Dbase II through Visual Dbase 7 in public domain on our site.  This will also include Clipper code.  Until this is done we will provide links to Web sites that can assist you with most of your queries. 

Please use the new DataHelp email box below only for non DbLink product inquiries.  We will automate this box to route your questions quickly.

Small businesses that are concerned with Year 2000 conversions and are seeking affordable solutions use the Year2000 box.   We will also provide links to private programmers that can assist you.

Due to the demand on, and the fees that are being paid, for programmers we highly encourage you to use FTP software and go to the Universities.  Universities provide outstanding support and conversion code can be had there for free.
Additional Dbase Support (all versions)
A new company has recently purchased the Dbase trade name, support and software lineups as Inprise (Borland / Ashton Tate) has chosen to embrace its Delphi line up. URL for new Dbase company (under construction) is

News group support for Dbase is outstanding. In fact quicker support is, and always has be been, available via news groups. This is a great link that will hook you up with additional links to tons of prewritten scripts and news groups links. Be sure to create a new bookmark folder called dbase and pop all the links you run into at this URL.





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