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Y2K Ready Your date fields look like this.  07/09/1999.  4 digit year ready !!!
DbLink 7.5  data files allows your applications to import in 4 digit year.


Mail Merge Mail merge to any Microsoft Office product.  DbLink 7.5 data files are compatible with all major platforms including Office 2000 products.


Archive Not only will you have unlimited customer and client records, DbLink 7.5 has BINARY FIELDS that allow archiving of all file formats including sound, executable files and pictures.  Merging of binary fields data to external programs, however, will require Windows 98 or higher applications. 


Compatibility Data files are compatible with all major platforms which allows seamless access to your data by all of you applications.  Place and maintain your data in one place.  Now all of your applications can access and use that data as needed.


Simple 30 minute learning curve.


Simplified Input DbLink 7.5 will automatically capitalize your data for you as you input.   Your proper names will always look professional.  A poor typist dream.   Good typists become speed demons.


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to see example of DbLink 7.5  used in a political campaign environment and see

Your   "Data Conversion Certificate"  At Work


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