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1. Complete the special Precious Photos, Inc. work order form, listing the customer requirements in the easy to follow format.

2. You have the option of giving your customer the entire first page of the order form, or you may elect to give your customer the "tear-off" numbered receipt at the bottom of the first page.

3.  It is suggested that you collect a minimum of 50% deposit from the customer at time of order.

4. Complete the second page (Dealer Copy) of the order form with your dealer pricing.

5. Tear off the third copy (Precious Photos, Inc. ) and send it in with a 50% deposit of your dealer cost included with the image needing restoration.


If a photograph arrives in pieces be sure to repair it by applying only masking tape to the back of the photo. The amount of tape used should be minimized, serving to hold the pieces together until they reach our specialists’ hands. We reserve the right to effect further repairs to hold images together during scanning. All images must be well packaged in order to ensure that they arrive completely undamaged at our service facilities.

We recommend using corrugated cardboard to sandwich an envelope containing the images before putting them in the transportation envelope. Tape should be applied to each side of the cardboard to minimize movement of the images within the sandwich. Negative strips and slides should be enclosed in appropriate envelopes and then taped to a piece of cardboard.

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