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1. Standard Color and Black & White prints in sizes up to 8x10

2. Special service available on print sizes greater than 8x10

3. 35mm slides

4. 35mm negatives

5. Photo CD

6. Electronic Files (in popular formats)

7. Over 8x10 prints available on special order



1.    Color and Black & White prints in sizes up to 8x10 (8x10, 5x7, 4x6 and wallet size)

2. 35mm negatives

3. 35mm slides

4. 2 1/4" Negatives

5. 4x5 Negatives

6. Custom Output available in "Additional Services" (CANVAS)



The majority of images we process will have exceptional resolution (subject too original image quality.) when enlarged. Original images which are smaller than 2x3 can be enlarged to 5x7 in most cases, maintaining good resolution. Please note, enlargements greater than 5x7 or originals smaller than 2x3, will begin to degrade in resolution as the size is increased.  Also see determining resolution.



An electronic copy of the restored photograph will be archived by Precious Photos, Inc. at no additional cost to the Precious Photos, Inc. Dealer. A unique serial number will be placed on the back of each print for future retrieval reference.


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