This dealer manual is designed to give you the Precious Photos, Inc. dealer a better understanding of what Precious Photos, Inc. services can do for you and your customers. Through the proper use of this guide you should be able to accurately give your customers a quotation on almost any restoration request. This manual will detail a step by step procedure that, when followed, will result in you, your customer, and our restoration specialists having a clear understanding of what needs to be done to a submitted image.

In this manual, whenever we refer to difficulty of restoration, we mean the amount of time our specialists will need to spend, and consequently the cost of, restoring an image to its past (or future) beauty.

Your ability to convey to your customers an accurate idea of what can and cannot be done by digital imaging is paramount to insuring that the Precious Photos, Inc. image which you return to your customer will satisfy their expectations.


Copyright Issues

The same careful attention that you, as a photo, frame-shop or gallery owner, have paid to complying with copyright regulations over the years, must also be given to digital imaging and restoration services. The recent tightening of the restrictions in the copyright law, has amplified the importance of ensuring that your customer owns the copyright to the images being submitted for restoration or enhancement.

It is important and mandatory that the Precious Photos, Inc. order form be signed by the customer acknowledging their ownership of the copyright of submitted work. Precious Photos, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any submitted work order that has not been signed by the customer. You can see why the customer signature is the single most important step to contracting Precious Photos, Inc. services.


Pricing Restoration/Enhancement Work

One of the most important dealer concerns of digital restoration / enhancement is how to price the cost of their customers requirements. Precious Photos, Inc. has developed an easy to follow system to make pricing restoration work as simple and easy as possible. The price of a Photo restoration / enhancement job consists of two components:

1. Category Level the photo comes closest to.

2. Type of output the Customer requires.

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