The custom levels of restoration are the most difficult to quote. The objective is for you the dealer to quote as closely as possible, providing your customer with an approximate price range. In this manner, the customer can make a decision on whether to leave the photo with you for a firm price quote which you would call them with. With experience and our help you will eventually be able to give fast accurate quotes to your customers. Custom work would involve background changes, replacement of missing areas of the image, repair of large cracks, creases and stains, removal or addition of persons, pets or objects and divided into 4 primary categories: C1, C2, C3, C4, and a Custom Plus class reserved for badly damaged photos requiring the high level skills of both a retoucher and an artist.

To judge whether an image requires a Custom level restoration bear in mind that human subjects are more difficult to repair than simple scenery or backgrounds: especially if damage has occurred on a subject’s face or any other detailed part of the subject’s anatomy. Again, the more subjects that require work the higher the level of difficulty. To determine if an image requires Custom work refer to our examples to try and find similar types and amounts of damage, to similar image areas. (See images: 8-14, and album images marked C)


Custom Quote

If you are not able to tell what price level to quote using our examples, send a photocopy or Polaroid copy of the image to Precious Photos, Inc. Use your customer form to include a complete description of what the customer wants. Upon receiving these, one of our imaging specialists will call you to give you his / her expert opinion and pricing information.  For a quick quote use dealer utilities and upload the picture and customer form.  You will have a complete and accurate quote within an hour.


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