Colorization falls under the Custom Category. On a plain background, Colorization of one simple subject comes under the C1 category. Each additional subject increases the custom level by 1, therefore three subjects on a plain background would be a level C3. For more complicated backgrounds or groupings, please request a Custom quote by mailing in a photocopy of the image in the supplied Custom quote yellow envelope.

When sending in Colorization requests, please remember to ask the customer what color is desired for skin, hair, eyes, clothing, background, etc. When dealing with hand colored customer’s original images please specify whether the color should be kept in or if the image should be returned in black & white.

When we say colorize, we mean colorize.  Not sepia toning or global hues.  Our colorization process requires separate channeling of all features of the picture.  Even the iris of the eye is selected in a separate channel from the eye itself.

This is one reason colorization, in all instances, is less expensive when restoration takes place.  During the restoration process channels have been selected and stored therefore re-channeling is not required during the colorization process.

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