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Updates - Patches

DbLink PawnShop 6.0c  Win  95 - 98  (y2k 4 digit year ready)

Service Brokers offers this POS for anyone in the Pawn business.  Insert photo ID or drivers license. Automatic tracking of delinquents, inventory and cash flow.  Automatic generation of pawnshop receipts and notices.  Extended cash register function, swap, trading etc. are being tested now for the new "7.0 version".

Pawn Shops are highly encouraged to download this one.  Send us your request for additional modules now while testing is taking place on the "PawnShop 7.0" version.  We are programmers.   You are more aware of your additional needs than we are in the daily operation of the pawn business.  Act Now.  Get the PawnShop 7.0 version with your customized modules at no development charge.

Investment opportunity is also available on this product to large pawnshop chain.  This is a full working pawnshop POS demo.  Only the report headers cannot be changed.  Use this demo as long as you like.  Full Tech support.

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Free Full Working Demo  3.9 Meg

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Download Full 6.0c
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This version of PawnShop contains full Y2k readiness, larger menu view and several other  issues have been resolved with this update.  Four digit year ready.

Please check this page frequently as additional, feature related, patches will be made available.

Key Benefits

  • 30 minute learning curve.
  • Data can be accessed by Accounting, Spreadsheet and Tax software.
  • Excellent Value!!
Description SKU # Price
PawnShop 6.0c pawn6.0c $349.00
PawnShop 7.0 pawn7.0 $750.00
pawnshop 7.0 available July 17, 2001 free to registered users any version

Updates - Patches

(please!! these pawnshop patches only work with versions of PawnShop 6.0 and higher.)

Download Patch 02/28/2000  138k
*  select any loan period in setup.  i.e. 30 day 60 day 45 day.  Tennessee Ready
*  photo ID insert fix for pre-installed Windows software systems.
*  loan conditions for receipts can be changed on the fly.
* one click daily police report printing.
* extended inventory print modules.
* automatically repairs pawnshop blob files.
* additional loan condition field.
* active x working
* network error fix for inventory printing
* enhanced print modules.

Note:  Requires re-input of all of your pawnshop parameters in setup before use.  

Download Patch 03/11/2000 (report patch only)

Updates pawn ticket printout to use memory variables for the pawn loan period, as opposed to the hard coded 30 day loan period.  Adjusts to loan dates selected in setup.


All patches released now through July 17, 2000 are debugged modules that will be fully deployed in PawnShop 7.0 and will not affect your existing data.  Patches will contain, if required, necessary databases for proper operation.  The updates will place a text file in your pawnshop directory named pawn(day-month) i.e. update_0228.exe    Release of the updates will allow your pawnshop to begin using much needed enhancements prior to release of full working, fully deployed PawnShop 7.0.




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